Agricultural Cooperative

The agricultural cooperative “Olive and wine” was established in 2006 with the aim of development rural area of Ravni kotari

About Us

Project MasVin

Project MasVin is product of the few people’s vision who got mined karst, rocky ground and landfill site on 50 years service and made same area into arable land for ecological cultivation

Project MasVin

Olive groves

12 000 olive trees were planted on cleansed and treated land

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Planting 11 ha of vineyard began 2007

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Planted 1000 trees of quality domestic figs

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Products - Offer

Extra virgin olive oil, great varieties of Croatian and French wine from ecological production

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“From karst to extra virgin olive oil and premium wine”

Awarded premium wine and extra virgin olive oil


Organic wine, extra virgin olive oil and figs

The aim of the cooperative is production of top quality products through olive growing (edible olives in different preparation and extra virgin olive oil) and viticulture as well as figs and products made from figs.


Ecological and climatic conditions

The climatic conditions of the location are ideal for planting olive trees, especially are favourable for growing particular varieties of medium large and large fruit namely oil and table varieties of olives which are characterized by high resistance to low temperature


Obtaining ecological conditions

The ecological soil conditions for olive growing were achieved by demolishing and purifying the soil of the future plantation. Soil processing is reduced by using organic preparations. Irrigation takes place at 3 reservoirs with a power supply system.

PZ Maslina i vino
Kakma 189
23423 Polača (Zadar)

Maslina i vino , Kakma 189 , 23210 Polača


Ecological extra virgin olive oil and premium wine